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Melting:We own 5mt core-type electrical induction furnace,1.5mt Medium frequency indution furnace and hydraulic vertical semi-continuous.
Extrusion:We own 5000mt Extrusion Press which is the largest one in the same industry and 3000mt,2500mt and 2000mt double-action Extrusion Press.
The billet is heated by induction furnace,and then be shelled and extruded into tube.
Cold-forming:We own LG110,LG90 single-thread and double-thread Pilger Mill.After the tube is rolled,its metallic organization becomes more compact and more even,with less deviation of wall thickness.Therefore it becomes an ideal mother tube for the next process.
Cold-drawing:We own 30mt,15mt and 10mt single thread and multithread hydraulic or chain drawing machine.These machines run in steady speed and have high production efficiency.
Annealing:We own 1.5mt and 0.5mt continuous mesh hearth bright annealing furnace and 0.8mt,continuous roller hearth bright annealing furnace.The tubes are protected by reducing gas which is mixed of hydrogen and nitrogen in the process.We control the process parameters as temperature and work time in the right way.
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